We will measure your rooms for carpet fitting free of charge, but it’s helpful to have an idea of your room dimensions when looking for flooring products at our Chester Carpet Showroom.

Here is our guide to help you get those measurements.

First, at the widest point in your room, measure the maximum length and maximum width. Be sure to measure to the back of the doorframe. This will allow the carpet to be fitted into the door.

Next, multiply the width by the length to calculate the total square metres. For example 2m x 4m = 8m².

To work out an approximate price take the square metre price and multiply it by your total square metres. For example, a carpet priced at £20 per square metre would be £20.00 x 8m² = £160.00.

Not all rooms are a regular shape. In these situations measure the size of any indentations like fireplaces and bay windows etc. By doing this you may be able to use all of the carpet effectively, helping you to minimise the cost.

Draw out your room on paper showing the dimensions. Bring this with you to our carpet showroom in Chester. This will help with your budget planning and will help to plan the most cost-effective way to use the carpet. We can advise you on this.



Measuring your room

Pattern Matching

When estimating for patterned carpet please order sufficient material to fulfil critical pattern match requirements. Talk to your retailer for more information.

This is only a guide for your own estimation. Please arrange for us to visit for a FREE final measure.

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